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Viewing Server Data Charts

View analytic charts about data retrieved for server activity.

  1. In SAP mobile service cockpit, select Analytics > Server Data.

  2. (Optional) You can narrow the focus of server data by setting filters such as application ID and Date. Select Reset to clear your filters.

  3. Under Registrations, view the analytics that are related to user registrations.

    • Registrations ‒ Total

    • Active App Count

    • Registrations Per App ‒ Total

    • Registrations by App

    • Active Users Per App ‒ Total

    • Active Users by App

  4. Under Online Requests, view the analytics that are related to online requests.

    • Online Requests Count

    • Request Size Average

    • Average Response Size

    • Proxy Total Time Average

    • Proxy Back-end Time Average

    • Request Size Average

    • Response Size Average

    • Proxy Requests (Total vs. Back end)

    • Online Response Time Average

    • Online Request Per App Count

  5. Under Offline Requests, view the analytics that are related to offline requests.

    • Offline Requests Count

    • Initial Download Time Average

    • Refresh Time Average

    • Flush Time Average

    • Offline Initial Download Time Average

    • Offline Refresh Time Average

    • Offline Flush Time Average

    • Offline Requests Count

    • Offline Response Time Average

    • Offline Request per App Count

  6. Under Push, view the analytics that are related to push notifications.

    • iOS Push Count

    • Android Push Count

    • Baidu Push Count

    • iOS Push by App Count

    • Android Push by App Count

    • Baidu Push by App Count

  7. Under Registration Detail, view the analytics that are for registration detail by server.

    • Application ID

    • Metric

    • Timestamp

  8. Select Table Data to access the raw data that's associated with server data charts, then download a report that shows each response with its related data. Right-click a column header to see options such as drill, sort, hide. Options that are grayed out are not available.

    • Metric ‒ select the metrics to use in visualizations. You can select All or make individual choices from the following options:
  9. active_users

  10. push_failure_ios

  11. storage_active24h_registration_count_per_app

  12. storage_active24h_user_count_per_app

  13. storage_active30d_registration_count_per_app

  14. storage_active30d_user_count_per_app

  15. storage_active7d_registration_count_per_app

  16. storage_active7d_user_count_per_app

  17. storage_all_registration_count_per_app

  18. storage_all_user_count_per_app

    • Count per Application ID ‒ visualization of the total count of selected metrics per app.

    • Average Value Per Metric ‒ visualization of the average value for each of the selected metrics.

    • Server ‒ the server model used for transporting data to the production landscape.

  19. Application ID

  20. Timestamp

  21. Correlation ID

  22. Service Name

  23. Metric

  24. Value

  25. Custom

Last update: December 16, 2020