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Tracing Network Activity

Trace network activity between SAP Mobile Services, apps and other services, and download trace information in a .zip file.

Configure trace settings before you start recording.

Record HTTP traffic for incoming and outgoing requests between mobile clients, apps, and other services. Developers, testers and administrators can use these recordings to inspect the network traffic and isolate issues.

  1. In SAP mobile service cockpit, select Mobile Applications > Native/MDK or SAP Mobile Cards.

  2. Select an application, then select Mobile Network Trace under Assigned Features (or add it first).

  3. Select the Configuration tab.

  4. Under New Recording, select recording options. By default, SAP Mobile Services traces all users and content types for the selected application, but you can filter on specific activity instead.

    • User Name ‒ perform network tracing for a specific user.

    • Content Types ‒ perform network tracing for a specific content type.

    • Duration ‒ set a time duration during which to run the tracing session. A tracing session automatically stops once it has run for the duration you specify.

    • Log Message ‒ choose the content to record:

      • Log Message Header: Record only entry headers (default).

      • Log Message Header and Message Body: Record both the header and body for each message.

  5. Once you've specified the options, click Start Recording. Network tracing starts, using the selected options.

  6. Under Recordings, you see a list of all the network traces in progress, or that have been recorded during the last seven days.

    Field Description
    Start Recording Date The date and time (UTC+ 0000) from which the recording begins.
    End Recording Date The date and time (UTC+ 0000) at which the recording ends.
    User Name The user name for the account that has recorded the network trace.
    Content Types The media type selected for the network trace recording.
    Log Message The log message type, whether Log Message Header or Log Message Header and Body.
    Action There are three essential actions you can perform on the recorded network trace information:
    • Stop: Stop an ongoing network trace.
    • Delete: delete . Delete appears instead of Stop when a recording is completed.
    • Download: To download a specific network trace, click download .

    You can also:

    • Click sort to sort network trace recordings using column names.

    • Search for a specific network trace recording.

    • Select Delete All to delete all trace logs. Note that network trace data that is older than seven days is deleted automatically.

Last update: August 12, 2022