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Cloud Build Overview

While many of SAP's standard apps, such as the SAP Asset Manager, Mobile Services Client (Mobile Development Kit Client), Mobile Cards and Fiori Client are publicly available on public app stores, all being kept up-to-date with the latest SAP SDK releases, many customers prefer to customize apps for a stronger brand experience. Typically, this involves downloading SAP SDKs to build custom clients, which in turn need to be manually updated by developers to make sure important updates are rolled out to users. In order to streamline this process, with the Cloud Build, we provide a means to easily build clients using the latest SAP SDKs in the cloud, without having to install any developer tooling whatsoever. This way, everyone can easily tweak app names and assets without the associated cost of maintaining code bases.


  1. Create an app configuration for your custom Asset Manager, Mobile Development Kit Client or Fiori Client app, or open the Mobile Cards settings
  2. Add the Cloud Build feature to the app
  3. Upload or generate signing profiles for the target platform(s)
  4. Create a build configuration for the target platform(s)
  5. Run the build job
  6. Download the built application to distribute it, or use the generated links or QR codes to install it over the air

Feature Scope

Feature Description
Build custom clients Generate and build up-to-date Asset Manager, Mobile Cards, Mobile Development Kit Client and Fiori Clients with custom branding and settings
Over-the-air app distribution Use and share generated links and QR codes to install built apps on test devices
Manage signing profiles Generate or upload Android and iOS signing profiles for distribution signing
Purge old artifacts Automatically remove old build logs and binaries that are no longer required
Package hybrid apps Package UI5 app assets from SAP Web IDE into Cordova containers for offline enablement

Last update: January 22, 2020