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Uploading Client Resources

Upload client resources, or resource bundles, for the selected application. Resource bundles are containers used by applications to download dynamic configurations, styles, or content from SAP Mobile Services. The administrator can modify the client resource bundle settings in SAP mobile service cockpit.

Keep in mind these resource bundle guidelines:

  • Supportability – the resource bundle can be of any type (.pdf, .xls, .xml, or any other extension), with no restrictions, except that password protected zip files are not supported.

  • Size – the resource bundle is restricted in size. The maximum size is 1 GB, because Cloud Foundry saves the bundle content in ObjectStore DB. The maximum total bundle count is 100 for an application. For larger files, work with an application developer for performance issues.

  • Default resource bundle – the first resource bundle that you upload is considered to be the default. After that, you can upload additional versions of the bundle, but only one can be the default. You can delete obsolete resource bundle versions.

  • URL for the default resource bundle – https://<mobile services host>/bundles/<ApplicationId>/.

    Also supports URL – https://<mobile services host>/mobileservices/application/{<applicationId>}/bundles/v1/runtime/bundle/application/{<applicationId>}

  • URL to access other resource bundles – https://<mobile services host>/bundles/<ApplicationId>/<BundleName>:<BundleVersion>.

    Also supports URL – https://<mobile services host>/mobileservices/application/{<applicationId>}/bundles/v1/runtime/bundle/application/{<applicationId>}/bundle/{<bundleName>}/version/{:<bundleVersion>}


To find your <mobile services host> name, open the application APIs tab. The Server URL value is also the <mobile services host> name.

To use:

  1. In SAP mobile service cockpit, select Mobile Applications > Native/MDK.

  2. Select an application, then select Mobile Client Resources under Assigned Features (or add it first).

  3. Select Configuration to add a client resource.

  4. Click the Upload Client Resource icon create to create a new client resource:

    • Bundle Name – provide a name to identify the resource.

    • Version – provide a version number.

    • Upload Client Resource – click Browse, select the file, and confirm.

  5. To define a client resource bundle as the default, select it, and click Save.

  6. (Optional) Choose download or delete as required.

  7. Select Service Keys to see service keys configured for the application feature. See Service Keys.

  8. Select Info to view feature details, and to download mobile service data in JSON format.

Last update: March 10, 2022