public protocol FUIAttachmentAction

The attachment action protocol.

  • The title of this action.



    var title: String { get }
  • The action to be performed when user tapped this action.

    If it is needed, this function should first requesting user to grant the usage of resource required for this action. The action will be performed after user granted the permission.

    The action should be aborted if user denied the usage permission.



    func action(onController controller: FUIAttachmentsViewController)



    The FUIAttachmentsFormViewController.

  • Check if this action is available or not on device. This FUIAttachmentAction in the add attachment popup will be enabled only if this function returns true.

    It is recommended to return true to enable the action if the device is capable to perform this action, but it needs user interaction to grand permission to use the resource. Then, the action function should ask permission for the resouce from user as needed.

    This function should return false to disable the action if user has already denied the permission for the resource to perform this action.



    func isAvailable(_ alertAction: UIAlertAction) -> Bool

    Return Value

    True if this action is available on device.