open class FUIKPICardCollectionViewCell : FUIBaseDrawingCollectionViewCell<FUIKPICardView>

UICollectionViewCell subclass for FUIKPICardView card type, where KPI values are centered in the card.

Developer should use the FUIKPIViewItem API set to build KPI content, and set to the kpiItems: [FUIKPIViewItem] property.

Extends FUIKPICardView API, by extension on FUIBaseDrawingCollectionViewCell.


let cell = collectionView.dequeueReusableCell(withReuseIdentifier: FUIKPICardCollectionViewCell.reuseIdentifier, for: indexPath) as! FUIKPICardCollectionViewCell
cell.title.text = "Completed"
cell.status.text = "Updated 20 min ago"
cell.kpiItems = [<#FUIKPIViewItem#>]
return cell


Supported TEXT class paths:

fdlFUIKPICardCollectionViewCell_title {}
fdlFUIKPICardCollectionViewCell_kpiUnitItem {}
fdlFUIKPICardCollectionViewCell_kpiMetricItem {}
fdlFUIKPICardCollectionViewCell_kpiFractionItem {}
fdlFUIKPICardCollectionViewCell_status {}

Supported TEXT properties:

font-color: Color;
font-style: UIFontTextStyle;
text-line-clamp: Integer;
text-align: NSTextAlignment;

Supported IMAGE class paths:

fdlFUIKPICardCollectionViewCell_kpiIconItem {}

Supported IMAGE properties:

tint-color: Color;
  • The style class property.



    override public var nuiClass: String? { get set }