public class ConnectionErrorController : ErrorController

This view controller is to be display when connection error occurred.

This view contains an error banner, an error image view, a title label, a message label, and an action button.

  • The error banner has a default localized title “Sync Failed”. Developer can use errorBannerView property to customize the banner title.
  • The error image view has a default “no connection” image. Developer can use errorImageView property to customize the image.
  • The title label has a default localized title “No Internet Connection”. Developer can use titleLabel.text property to change the default title.
  • The message label has a default localized message “Please connect to a WiFi network or mobile data network.”. Developer can use messageLabel.text to change the default message.
  • The action button has a default localized title “Try Again”. Developer can use actionButton property to customize the button.

Also, there is a “Cancel” button on the navigation bar. Developer should set the onCancelHandler property to process user cancel action.


Supported fixed font UILabel class paths:


Supported fixed font UILabel properties:

font-size: (Size)
font-name: (Font Name)
font-color: (Color)

Supported UIImageView class paths:


Supported UIImageView properties:

image-name: (name of the image file)
tint-color: (Color)

Support FUIButton class paths:


Supported FUIButton properties:

font-style: (Font Style Name)
font-color: (Color)
corner-radius: (Radius)
background-color-normal: (Color)
background-color-highlighted: (Color)

Supported UIBarButtonItem class paths:


Supported UIBarButtonItem properties:

image: (Image Name)
background-tint-color: (Color)
  • The image view containing the connection error image.



    public let errorImageView: FUIImageView
  • This handler is to be invoked when user tapped the action button.



    public var onTryAgainHandler: ((ConnectionErrorController) -> Void)?