open class FUISearchController : UISearchController, FUIBarcodeScanViewControllerDelegate
extension FUISearchController: UISearchBarDelegate
extension FUISearchController: UIBarPositioningDelegate
extension FUISearchController: UISearchResultsUpdating

Fiori style UISearchController. The only difference between FUISearchController and regular UISearchController is the searchBar. FUISearchController‘s searchBar is FUISearchBar.

Developer can add a FUIBarcodeScanner to this FUISearchBar by setting the isBarcodeScannerEnabled property of the FUISearchBar to true. A barcode scanner icon will be displayed at the bookmark icon location of the search bar.

A barcode scanner view will be displayed when the barcode scanner icon is tapped.

For iOS 11, it is recommended to set the FUISearchController to navigationItem, instead of the table view header for iOS 10.

Here is a sample code snippet.

// Instantiate an FUISearchController and configure its properties
searchController = FUISearchController(searchResultsController: nil)
searchController.searchResultsUpdater = self
searchController.hidesNavigationBarDuringPresentation = true
searchController.searchBar.placeholderText = "Search The List"

// Adding barcode scanner to this search bar
searchController.searchBar.isBarcodeScannerEnabled = true
searchController.searchBar.barcodeScanner?.scanMode = .EAN_UPC
searchController.searchBar.barcodeScanner?.scanResultTransformer = { (scanString) -> String in
return scanString.uppercased()

navigationItem.searchController = searchController
navigationItem.hidesSearchBarWhenScrolling = false


fdlFUISearchController_searchBar {
bar-tint-color: @line;
background-color: @primary1_darkBackground;
background-tint-color: @tintColorDark;

  • Search bar of the search controller. When instantiating the FUISearchController programmatically, a default FUISearchBar is initialized automatically and can be used directly. The developer should set a reference to an @IBOutlet, if adding a search bar to their view in Interface Builder.



    override open var searchBar: FUISearchBar { get }
  • Handler for BarcodeScanner button (‘Bookmark button’) click


    Because the presentation of the view controller for barcode scanning is invoked internally when this method is called, this method will be invoked on the delegate only after the presentation of the view controller is completed.



    public func searchBarBookmarkButtonClicked(_ searchBar: UISearchBar)



    calling UISearchBar

  • Implement this method on your manual bar delegate when not managed by a UIKit controller. UINavigationBar and UISearchBar default to UIBarPositionTop, UIToolbar defaults to UIBarPositionBottom. This message will be sent when the bar moves to a window.



    public func position(for bar: UIBarPositioning) -> UIBarPosition