open class FUIPrivacyNoticeSettingsTableViewController : UITableViewController

This UITableViewController is used to display a perissions screen to the application for settings. The screen mainly show the privacy authorization status of the application.

let vc = FUIPrivacyNoticeSettingsController()
vc.items = [FUIPrivacyNoticeItem]
vc.footerText = "SAP Application uses the permissions below to provide you with the best experience we catered to you"
vc.cellProvider = { tb, items, cell -> UITableViewCell in .... }
self.navigationController?.pushViewController(vc, animated: true)


Support TableViewCell class paths:

fdlFUIPrivacyNoticeSettingsCell {}

Supported TableViewCell attributes:

tint-color (Color)
background-color (Color)
background-color-selected (Color)

Supported Text class paths:

fdlFUIPrivacyNoticeSettingsCell_title {}
fdlFUIPrivacyNoticeSettingsCell_status {}
fdlFUIPrivacyNoticeSettingsCell_statusImageView {}
fdlFUIPrivacyNoticeSettingsCell_statusLabel {}
fdlFUIPrivacyNoticeSettingsCell_detailImageView {}