open class FUITableViewAccessoryDrawingCollectionViewCell<InnerView> : FUIBaseAccessoryDrawingCollectionViewCell<InnerView> where InnerView : FUIBaseFixedMarginsView, InnerView : FUIBackgroundSchemeSupporting, InnerView : FUICalculateLayout, InnerView : FUIReactingToAccessory, InnerView : FUIStyleByStringAttributes

Typically not used by developer

  • The type of standard accessory view the cell should use (normal state).

    The behavior of this view should imitate that of UITableViewCell.accessoryType.

    The accessory view appears in the right side of the cell in the collection view’s normal (default) state. The standard accessory views include the disclosure chevron; for a description of valid accessoryType constants, see UITableViewCellAccessoryType. The default is none. If a custom accessory view is set through the accessoryView property, the value of this property is ignored.



    open var accessoryType: UITableViewCell.AccessoryType { get set }