public enum FUIChartCategoryAxisLabelLayoutStyle

Defines the policy used to determine which labels are presented along the horizontal category axis.

  • The allOrNothing layout style will display all labels, or no labels when they cannot be presented without overlapping.

    • Labels may be truncated to fit.
    • A minimum gap between each label is enforced.
    • All labels are center aligned beneath their respective point, column, cluster, etc.

    You have the ability to specify that a label should not be rendered by returning nil in your implementation of FUIChartViewDataSource.chartView(_:titleForCategory:inSeries:).

    This is the default layout mode.



    case allOrNothing
  • The range layout style is intended for time series, or numeric ranges where horizontal space is limited.

    Only labels for the first and last category members will be displayed.

    • The first label is aligned to the left edge of the axis.
    • The last label is aligned to the right edge of the axis.



    case range