Modeling Guide

Flowagent Table Producer

Flowagent Table Producer allows to consume flowagent based consumer operators. Flowagent based operator uses output string.flowagent.config, which can be connected to this operator.

Supported databases are:
  • Vora

Configuration Parameters

Parameter Type Description
Database type string The target database to operate. Additional parameters may depend on the selected service.

Default: "vora"

HANA Wired port string Used when Database type is Vora. The port used to connect to Vora instance. The connection port used for Hana Wire would be for example 3XX15.
Table name string The fully qualified name of target table to which content is written in <owner>.<table> format.
Mapping object Attribute mapping to map source columns to target columns.
Example: you can use mapping to change the order of source columns, or rename them.
"mapping": [
        "source": "LOC",
        "target": "LOC"
        "source": "DNAME",
        "target": "TGT_DNAME"
        "source": "DEPTNO",
        "target": "SomeNumberThatWeCareAbout"
Batch size integer Indicates the number of rows that will be inserted in a single commit.

Default: 100


Input Type Description
inConfig string.flowagent.config To be connected to flowagent based consumer operator


Output Type Description
outTableName string The fully qualified name of the target table to which content is written.
outError string Operator error. If the port is mapped, then the graph will keep running. If it is not mapped, the graph will terminate with the operator error.