Modeling Guide


There are a set of built-in methods to enable logging in the Python subengine. The table below summarizes the set of methods you can use to log information.

Subclassing BaseOperator


Log with level INFO


Log with level DEBUG


Log with level ERROR


Log with level WARNING


Log with level FATAL (stops the graph)


Log with level CRITICAL (stops the graph)

You can check all logs using SAP Data Hub Modeler's UI. To do that, you must click the Trace tab. You can filter the logging messages by level or you can even search for a specific log. You can also download the logging history as a CSV file.

You can also send the logging messages to SAP Data Hub Modeler's external log. To achieve that, open Trace Publisher Settings, next to the search bar. Turn on Trace Streaming and configure the set of logging messages you want to publish. For example, if you wanted to publish all logging messages which have level fatal or error, you would have to change Trace Level to ERROR.