Modeling Guide

Ingest to VORA Streaming Table

Flowagent Database Producer is based on datahub-flowagent and uses Dataservices as execution engine. It allows to consume flowagent based consumer operators, loading the data to a database source, which in this graph is set to Vora.

Demo Graph

This demo graph demonstrate how the Flowagent Database Producer can be used together with other Flowagent based producers.

In this example, we use the OData Table consumer, reading a table from the Northwind source, and loading its content to a table in Vora.

More details on how the consumers work can be seem in the consumer ingestion sample graphs.


  • Defining OData connection

    odataconsumer1: provides Odata consumer connection information

  • Loader definition

    flowagentdatabaseproducer1: provides a loader to write data to database targets