Modeling Guide

OpenAPI OData People Demo

This demo graph demonstrates how to use openapi.server to expose an OData service endpoint.

The swagger document used in this graph is for one of the OData4 reference services and it originates from the OASIS github repo at published on non-SAP site.

Configure and Run the Graph

Follow the steps below to run the example from the Data Pipeline UI:
  1. Start the graph. This demo service will be started at path /openapi/service/samples/odata_people relative to the vflow instance URL.
  2. Open the UI from the wiretap operator so that the request messages are displayed on the browser.
  3. Open the url /openapi/service/samples/odata_people/swagger.json to retrieve its swagger document. (If you are using Chrome swagger-plugin, you can directly view this document and invoke the operations. Otherwise, use another tool to invoke these REST operations described in the document.). Note that the actual implementation is left empty and needs to be implemented.
For example, when using curl, these correspond to:
curl http://{host}:{port}/{path}/openapi/service/samples/odata_people/People