Modeling Guide


The data generator generates arbitrary data and passes it to the Kafka producer. The Kafka consumer reads the data and writes it to a terminal. You can see the generated data by opening the UI of the terminal operator.


  • A running Kafka broker and Zookeeper.

Configure and Run the Graph

  1. In the left panel, select the Graphs tab and navigate to com/sap/demo/kafka.
  2. Check the configuration of the producer (20fb) node: brokers
  3. Check the configuration of the consumer (1h7j) node: zookeepers
  4. In the tool bar, select Run (play button).
  5. The Status panel indicates if the graph is running.
  6. Use the context menu Open UI of the terminal (z8d) node to open the terminal.
  7. The terminal opens and you see the generated data.