Modeling Guide

Uploading Solution in System Management to Tenant or User Workspace


In this option you will upload your solution to the workspace of a given tenant or user in the Data Hub cluster. The downside of this option is that it cannot be reversed easily. In the first option you can always remove a layer from a given strategy. On the other hand, in this option if some of the files in your solution overwrote some existing files in the tenant or user workspace, this will not be able to be reversed.


  1. First you need to compress your solution to a .tar.gz format: tar -czf my_pysolution.tar.gz -C my_pysolution/ .
  2. Log into your user in SAP Data Hub System Management and click the File Management button on the vertical bar on the left of the screen.
  3. Make sure no folder is selected in the File Management windows.
    1. For the current user - Click on Import File > Import Solution File button on the My Workspace section.
    2. For all users in your current tentant (only possible for the tenant admin) - Click on Import File > Import Solution File button on the Tenant Workspace section
  4. In the popup window, select your tar.gz file and your solution will then be uploaded to the selected workspace.


You will be able to see the operators from your solution when you launch a new Data Hub Modeler instance.