Modeling Guide


The wiretap operator allows the user to inspect messages that are transferred from one operator to another. This graph is a simple automatic game where two players Hillary and Donald play against each other. At each round, having 13 games, each player picks one card out of a deck of cards numbered from 1 to 13 and the player who has the higher numbered card wins. The wiretap operator is inserted in this graph to display both the card that each player picked and the result of each game.

Configure and Run the Graph

Follow the steps below to run the example from the Data Pipeline UI:
  1. Start the graph.
  2. Open the UI from the wiretap operator so that the games are monitored.
    For example, the following output may be displayed:
    [2018-06-25 12:26:55.237] {"demo.card":5,"":10,"demo.player":"donald","demo.round":1}
    [2018-06-25 12:26:55.237] {"demo.card":10,"":10,"demo.player":"hillary","demo.round":1}
    [2018-06-25 12:26:55.240] {"":10,"demo.round":1,"demo.winner":"hillary"}{"donald":5,"hillary":5}
    [2018-06-25 12:26:57.236] {"demo.card":2,"":11,"demo.player":"donald","demo.round":1}
    [2018-06-25 12:26:57.236] {"demo.card":1,"":11,"demo.player":"hillary","demo.round":1}
    [2018-06-25 12:26:57.236] {"":11,"demo.round":1,"demo.winner":"donald"}{"donald":6,"hillary":5}
    [2018-06-25 12:26:59.236] {"demo.card":6,"":12,"demo.player":"donald","demo.round":1}
    [2018-06-25 12:26:59.236] {"demo.card":2,"":12,"demo.player":"hillary","demo.round":1}
    [2018-06-25 12:26:59.237] {"":12,"demo.round":1,"demo.winner":"donald"}{"donald":7,"hillary":5}
    [2018-06-25 12:27:01.237] {"demo.card":4,"":13,"demo.player":"donald","demo.round":1}
    [2018-06-25 12:27:01.237] {"demo.card":12,"":13,"demo.player":"hillary","demo.round":1}
    [2018-06-25 12:27:01.237] {"":13,"demo.round":1,"demo.winner":"hillary"}{"donald":7,"hillary":6}