Modeling Guide

Monitoring the SAP Data Hub Modeler

This section describes the different monitoring options available for users to monitor the working of the SAP Data Hub Modeler.

After creating and executing the graph, you can choose to perform any of the following options to monitor the graph status or the SAP Data Hub Modeler.

Monitor Status of Graph Execution

After creating and executing a graph, monitor the status of the graph execution within the modeler. You can also use the standalone monitoring application that SAP Data Hub provides to monitor the status of all graphs executed in the modeler.

Trace Messages

Tracing messages within the modeler help monitor the system and to isolate the problems or errors that may occur.

SAP Vora Diagnostics

SAP Vora Diagnostics deploys one of the most widely used stacks of open-source monitoring and diagnostic tools for Kubernetes. For health and performance monitoring, SAP Vora Diagnostics provides cluster administrators access to cluster-wide system and application metrics. For more information, see 8d0ea8b3d5bb437ab5c4d4fa09b41b1b.html.

Using SAP Data Hub Monitoring

SAP Data Hub provides a stand-alone monitoring application to monitor the status of graphs executed in the SAP Data Hub Modeler.