Modeling Guide

Configure the Union Node

A Union node represents a relational union operation.


You have configured the operator with the Union node and connected the previous nodes to Union node.


The union operator forms the union from two or more inputs with the same signature. This operator can either select all values including duplicates (UNION ALL) or only distinct values (UNION).


  1. In the canvas, select the Union node.
  2. Choose (Open Configuration).
    In the Configuration pane, under the Columns section, you will see the column information from the previous nodes.
  3. If you want to merge all of the input data (including duplicate entries) into one output, enable the Union All toggle button.
  4. Connect nodes.
    If you want to configure the Data Transform operator with another node,
    1. In the menu bar, use the breadcrumb navigation to navigate back to the operator configuration editor.
    2. Add new nodes.
    3. To connect the nodes, select the output port of a node and drag the cursor to an input port of another node.