Modeling Guide

Navigating the SAP Data Hub Modeler

In the SAP Data Hub Modeler, you can choose from different types of panes and toolbars to perform your actions.

The modeler user interface layout has the following panes and toolbars:

  • Graph editor: Use this editor to create the graph with one or more operators.

  • Navigation pane: Use this pane to access operators, graphs, repository, and the types. The Graphs tab, displays all example graphs that the tool provides and the graphs that the user creates. The Operators tab displays all operators that the tool provides and the operators that the users create. In the Repository tab, you can create operators and access the Dockerfiles. The Types tab, displays all types and also allows you to create new types.
  • Bottom pane: The bottom pane consists of a Status pane, Log pane, and a Trace pane for the modeler. You can use these panes to monitor the status of the graph execution, trace messages based on severity levels, and view various logs that the tool creates for graph execution, respectively.

  • Editor toolbar: The graph editor includes a toolbar, which you can use to perform operations on the graph, for example, to save and execute a graph, to perform an auto-layout of operators, and more. Use this pane to define the configuration parameters (select ) for the graph, groups, and operators. The icon in this pane provides detailed documentation (help information) for various operators and example graphs that the tool provides.