Modeling Guide

Graph States

When you create a graph, each graph is associated with a graph state, which may vary with time and can be manipulated with operations on the graph.

The table lists the possible graph states. You can view the status of graph in the Status tab.




Graph is being prepared for execution. Initial state.


Graph is currently running


Graph terminated successfully


Graph terminated abnormally because one or more operators in the graph failed.


State of graph is unknown. Indicates internal problems.

Initially, the graph is in the pending state. In this state, the graph is being prepared for execution. It remains in this state until either an error occurs, or state of all subgraphs in graph is running.

The following image depicts the potential graph transition states.

If an error occurs during the running state, the graph allocation (and hence the overall graph) changes to dead. If all subgraphs terminate successfully, the graph state changes to completed.