Modeling Guide

Uploading Solution as a Layer in System Management


  1. First you need to compress your solution to a .tar.gz format: tar -czf my_pysolution.tar.gz -C my_pysolution/ .
  2. Log into SAP Data Hub System Management as Cluster Administrator.
  3. Click Cluster Management icon on the vertical bar on left of the screen.
  4. Click Layers and then the + icon to create a new layer. Fill in the name field and find the my_solution.tar.gz file in your system by clicking on the Browse button.
  5. Add this new layer to an existing strategy or create a new one by clicking the Strategies vertical tab on the left of the screen.

    If you create a new strategy you will need to associate it with a tenant in the Tenants tab.


If you log into a user from the tenant that you just associated the strategy containing the new layer, you will be able to see the operators from your solution when you launch a new Data Hub Modeler instance from this user.