Modeling Guide

Text Analysis Example

This is an example graph for text analysis that shows the use of the Text Analysis Connector operator (

A request for text analysis created by the JavaScript operator labeled 'TA Request Creator' is given to the Text Analysis Connector operator, which sends the request to a Text Analysis server.

If the request is received through the inFileData port, then each text document provided as input to the TA Request Creator will be analyzed in a separate request and the Text Analysis Connector operator will output the result as a string to the terminal.

If the request is received through the inFolderPath port, then the request must include a folder name indicating the location of the documents to be analyzed. The result of the analysis is written directly in the specified location in two files “[folder_name]_TA.csv” and “[folder_name]_TADOC.csv”, and the graph terminates.


To run the graph, at least one instance of the Text Analysis server must be running. Also, the following configurations need to be set.

Operator: javascriptoperator1 (label: TA Request Creator)
  • serverendpoints: One or more text analysis server endpoints, separated by comma.


  • folderpath: Folder path to be analyzed, without trailing '/', required if connected to inFolderPath and should be empty otherwise.

See also the Text Analysis Connector operator documentation for more information about request parameters.