Modeling Guide

Modeling Guide for SAP Data Hub

The Modeling Guide contains information on using the SAP Data Hub Modeler.

The SAP Data Hub Modeler helps create data processing pipelines (graphs), and provides runtime and design time environment for data driven scenarios. The tool reuses existing coding and libraries to orchestrate data processing in distributed landscapes. This guide is organized as follows:



Introduction to the SAP Data Hub Modeler

Provides an overview of the tool and describes certain business use cases.

Create Graphs

Explains the steps for creating, configuring, and executing a graph in the modeler.

Monitoring the SAP Data Hub Modeler

This section describes the different monitoring options available within the tool to monitor the working of the SAP Data Hub Modeler.


Includes tutorials and example graphs to help users understand and work with the SAP Data Hub Modeler.

Create Operators

Describes operators and explains the steps for creating, configuring, and using the operators in a graph.

Working with the Data Workflow Operators

SAP Data Hub Modeler categorizes certain operators as Data Workflow operators. This sections describes the data workflow operators and how to model graphs with the data workflow operators.

SAP Data Hub Built-in Operators

Describes the different built-in operators that SAP Data Hub provides to create graphs or to use as basis for user-defined operators.


Describes working with the C++, Python2.7, and Python3.6 subengines.

Create Dockerfiles

Explains the steps for creating Dockerfiles, defining tags, and building docker images.

Create Types

Explains the steps for creating and defining the types and type properties.

Creating operators, types, Dockerfiles, or to work with the subengines in the SAP Data Hub Modeler requires some expertise and programming skills. If you are new to the topic, we recommend that you start your learning journey by creating graphs with only the built-in (predefined) operators that the modeler provides. You can also use the tutorials in this guide to get started and learn more about the different capabilities of the SAP Data Hub Modeler.