Modeling Guide

Example Notification

This graph serves as an example on how to use SAP Data Hub Notification and Pipeline operators from the Data Workflows category.

In the graph, the SAP Data Hub Pipeline operator starts an internal example graph ( as a subgraph. If the example graph terminates with the status “dead”, an email notification will be sent to the configured email addresses.

Configure and Run the Graph

Follow the steps below to run the graph from SAP Data Hub Pipleline Modeler:

  1. In the left panel, select the Graphs tab and open the Example Notification graph.
  2. In the tool bar, select Run (play button).
  3. The Status panel indicates if the graph is running.
  4. The example graph will appear in the Status panel and the status is "running".

To show the status of the example graph, toggle on Show Subgraphs.

Configuring SAP Data Hub Pipeline Operator (Optional)

By default, the example graph is configured to terminate itself. In this context, the Data Workflow waits for the example graph to finish and will turn into “completed” after the example graph finishes. If you want to run another graph without waiting for the graph to finish, follow the steps below:
  1. Select SAP Data Hub Pipeline operator and open the configuration.
  2. Go to Graph Name and select a graph from the list.
  3. Go to Running Permanently and choose true from the list.

If you want to run a graph on a remote system, follow the documentation of Pipeline.

Configuring SAP Data Hub Notification Operator

  1. Select SAP Data Hub Notification operator and open the configuration.
  2. Go to Connection, choose either Configuration Manager or Manual. When using Configuration Manager, create a connection via Connection Management first.
  3. Go to Default From Value and input an email address as sender.
  4. Go to Default To Value and input one or more receiver email addresses.
  5. Go to Default Subject Value to give a subject to the email.