public protocol ConfigurationPersisting

Configuration provider protocol used to save data in some specified way implemented in the persistConfiguration(_:) method. Classes that implement this protocol may be passed as a desired outputHandler to a ConfigurationLoader during initialization. When ConfigurationLoader processes its queue and finds configuration data, the data will be passed to the supplied ConfigurationPersisting object’s persistConfiguration(_:) method as the configurationData parameter.

If you choose to receive configuration data in this way, it is up to you to save the data (or not) - it will not be saved or retained by the ConfigurationLoader that supplied the data. By extension, you will also need a method to retrieve data that has been saved using your persistConfiguration(_:) implementation if your app will be utilizing that data later on. An example use case for a class implementing this protocol would be if a developer wishes to encrypt configuration data before writing it to some location, or wishes to write the data to a location other than ConfigurationLoader‘s implementation of this protocol (which is in UserDefaults under ConfigurationProviderUserDefaultsKey).