Modeling Guide for SAP Data Hub

Transfer Modes

The data transfer in SAP Data Hub supports two different modes.

You can retrieve data using any of the following transfer modes:
  • retrieve data via the BW Online Analytical Processor (OLAP) using the INA protocol as the access method.
  • retrieve data via generated SAP HANA Views

Using the Online Analytical Processor

The default behavior uses the access via the OLAP processor. This ensures that the data you write matches the data the user knows from the common BW UIs (e.g. Transaction RSRT2). It supports a wide variety of BW functionality.

Due to the "Online" nature of this access method, it is not recommended to use this method for large scale data transfer. This mode transfers the complete data in a single result set.

Using a generated HANA View

In SAP BW on HANA and BW/4HANA it is possible to generate designated calculation views on the underlying SAP HANA Database for each Query or InfoProvider. SAP Data Hub leverages these views in case the following conditions are met:
  • You have created a connection to an SAP BW system using the SAP Data Hub Connection.
  • You specified a working connection to the SAP HANA database, and referenced it in the SAP BW connection that you are using.
  • The corresponding Query or InfoProvider has a generated calculation View.
  • The projection of Dimensions and Measures you choose does not contain a restricted attribute (for example, as specified in 2145502 Information published on SAP site).
  • No further errors occur (for example, SAP HANA authorization errors).
If a data is retrieved with generated SAP HANA views, then you can specify partitions of data, which will be transferred separately, enabling large result sets.