Modeling Guide for SAP Data Hub

Local File System [File)

The local file system is subject to the cluster's file system. Many of the SAP Data Hub storage operators offer support for the local file system. This documentation covers the common characteristics that this service has across operators.


Any HDFS specific restriction in the operators is documented here. Some may apply broadly to every storage operator:
  • Working directory:

    For any path that is given to/by this service, the current working directory (.) will be the repo root (the value passed to the command-line argument -reporoot), which is shared among all graphs and operators of this Data Pipelines instance. In a cluster, this is usually /vrep/vflow. Other directories can be accessed using absolute paths or .. to access the parent directory.

Copy File Restrictions

Since the local file system API does not support the copy operation, this behavior can be achieved through Read + Write.