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The following describes the common metadata properties applicable to all action types.

Note: Failed actions are events that have executed, but with errors. Invalid actions do not run at all due to validation errors.

Action Properties

Property Type Required Default
ActionResult ActionResult Optional
ActivityIndicatorText string Optional "LOADING"
OnFailure ActionOrRule Optional
OnFailureLog OnActionLog Optional
OnInvalid ActionOrRule Optional
OnInvalidLog OnActionLog Optional
OnSuccess ActionOrRule Optional
OnSuccessLog OnActionLog Optional
ShowActivityIndicator boolean Optional
ValidationRule Rule Optional
_Type string Required


Contains a name used to look up an action result via a target path or rule. Action Results are available only to subsequent actions chained to an action that stores the action result via OnSuccess or OnFailure actions.


Text that appears on the progress bar.

  • type: string
  • default: "LOADING"


Action or rule that is executed if action fails. PLT formatter is supported.

OnFailure Example

"$(PLT,'/MDKDevApp/Actions/PLTActions/FailureIOS.action', '/MDKDevApp/Actions/PLTActions/FailureAndroid.action')"


Message is logged if action fails.


Action or rule that is executed if validation fails. PLT formatter is supported.

OnInvalid Example

"$(PLT,'/MDKDevApp/Actions/PLTActions/InvalidIOS.action', '/MDKDevApp/Actions/PLTActions/InvalidAndroid.action')"


Message is logged if validation fails.


Action or rule that is executed if action is successful. PLT formatter is supported.

OnSuccess Example

"$(PLT,'/MDKDevApp/Actions/PLTActions/SuccessIOS.action', '/MDKDevApp/Actions/PLTActions/SuccessAndroid.action')"


Message is logged if action is successful.


If True, a progress bar shows the status of the activity or action(s), and is automatically dismissed on completion.

  • type: boolean


Rule that validates the current action


  • type: string