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You can run a check to make sure that the app user has provided inputs for all required fields. Specific UI controls or rules allow you to define a field as mandatory.

The properties defined in Action are also applicable to this action.

CheckRequiredFields Properties

Property Type Required
RequiredFields string[] Required
_Type const Required


Names of required fields. Value can be an array of string constants or a rule.

  • type: string[]

All items must be of the type: string


  • type: const

The value of this property must be equal to:


Action Result

Refer to the MDK Guide to understand what an action result is.

This action does not have an ActionResult if all the specified controls contain a value. Otherwise, the ActionResult is the array of controls missing a value.


// CheckRequiredFields.action
    "OnFailure": "/MDKApp/Actions/FailureMessage.action",
    "OnSuccess": "/MDKApp/Actions/UpdateService.action",
    "RequiredFields": [
    "_Type": "Action.Type.CheckRequiredFields"