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TabItem Properties

Property Type Required Default
Caption string Optional
Image Image Optional
OnPress ActionOrRule Optional
PageMetadata multiple Optional
PageToOpen Page Optional
ResetIfPressedWhenActive boolean Optional false
_Name string Required
_Type const Required


  • type: string


Image will display together with Caption if specified. Specific for iOS, an overlay mask would be applied on top of the image to distinguish active and inactive tab items. The overlay mask only works well on image with transparent background, otherwise the image would be displayed as monotone square icon.


Action/Rule to be triggered when the tab item is pressed.


Page's metadata will be rendered, when the PageMetadata is specified it will take preference over the PageToOpen.

The properties defined in Page are also applicable to it.

  • type: multiple

Either one of:

  • string
  • object


Page to be rendered as the content of the tab item, references a .page file.


Flag to determine whether need to reset to original tab page if the tab item is pressed again when it is the selected tab item.

  • type: boolean
  • default: false


  • type: string


  • type: const

The value of this property must be equal to: