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ObjectHeaderKPI Properties

Property Type Required
CaptionLabel string Optional
Icon Image Optional
MetricItems MetricItem Optional
Progress number Optional
ShowProgress boolean Optional
_Name string Optional


This is an optional label, displayed beneath the KPI components.

  • type: string


This can be an image from a local resource or an image from web (HTTPS only).


  • type: MetricItem[]

All array items must be of the type: MetricItem

Each item consists of a leading unit, a metric value and a trailing unit.


This is used only when ShowProgress is enabled. This is used only for iOS, not for Android.

  • type: number


This determines if the KPI Progress View should be enabled.

For Android, KPI Progress View will appear only if, there is a single MetricItem in MetricItems array and this MetricItem has Value that contains '/' or TrailingUnit that is equal to '%'.

  • type: boolean


  • type: string