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The properties defined in Action are also applicable to this action.

CheckBarcodeScannerPrerequisite Properties

Property Type Required
_Type const Required


  • type: const

The value of this property must be equal to:


Action Result

Refer to the MDK Guide to understand what an action result is.

The success ActionResult of this action is a boolean indicating whether the pre-requisites are met. The failure ActionResult is an error message.


    "_Type": "Action.Type.CheckBarcodeScannerPrerequisite",
    "OnSuccess": "/MDKApp/Rules/BarcodeScanner/CheckBarcodeScannerPrerequisiteResult.js", 
    "OnFailure": "/MDKApp/Actions/BarcodeScanner/CheckBarcodeScannerPrerequisiteFailure.action",
    "ActionResult": {
        "_Name": "CheckCamera"
export default function CheckBarcodeScannerPrerequisiteResult(pageProxy) {
  var actionResult = pageProxy.getActionResult('CheckCamera');
  if (actionResult) {
    return pageProxy.executeAction('/MDKDevApp/Actions/Navigation/BarcodeScanner/NavToBarcodeScannerPage.action');