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This action is used to change the state of the logger (On or Off).

All the properties defined under Action are applicable to this action.

SetState Properties

Property Type Required
LogFileName string No
LoggerState enum Yes
MaxFileSize integer No
_Type const Yes


Name of the log file. If the name is not provided, "ClientLog.txt" will be considered by default.

  • type: string


  • type: enum

The value of this property must be one of the known values listed below.

Value Description
Off Turn off the logger
On Turn on the logger
Toggle Toggle the state of logger depending on the current state of the logger


Max log file size in MB. If the size is not provided, 5MB will be considered by default. If the size is set to 0, then there are no restrictions with respect to the file size.

  • type: integer


  • type: const

The value of this property must be:


Action Result

This action does not have an ActionResult.


  "_Type": "Action.Type.Logger.SetState",
  "LogFileName": "logfile.txt",
  "MaxFileSize": "6",
  "LoggerState": "Toggle"