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A simple key value cell that displays a label and a text pair.

KeyValueItem Properties

Property Type Required Default
KeyName string Optional
LinkColor string Optional
OnPress ActionOrRule Optional
Value string Optional
Visible boolean Optional true
_Name string Optional


The key name of the cell.

  • type: string


Use this property to override the Fiori Default color of Value text. Only valid for clickable KeyValue and only accepts Hex code strings

  • type: string


Use this property to mark a KeyValue cell as clickable and to define the action on click of the cell


The value of the property.

For iOS devices, there is an unlimited number of lines for the KeyValue section.

For Android devices, the KeyValue section has a maximum of three lines for a value. Also, if the screen width is less than 600 dpi, only one column is rendered for the KeyValue control. On rotation of the screen, the display switches back to multiple columns if the width is more than 600 dpi.

  • type: string


Only valid for static section, will be ignored in dynamic sections.

  • type: boolean
  • default: true


  • type: string