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Extension can be added to a section of a SectionedTable. It allows custom extension to be rendered in that section.

Extension Properties

Property Type Required
Class string Required
Control string Optional
DataSubscriptions DataSubscriptions Optional
EmptySection EmptySection Optional
ExtensionProperties object Optional
Footer Footer Optional
Header Header Optional
Height integer Optional
Module string Optional
OnPress ActionOrRule Optional
Target LinkQueryFunctionTarget Optional
Visible boolean Optional
_Name string Optional
_Type const Required


The name of the exported class in the module control that is to be used for the extension.

  • type: string


The name of the file under the controls folder in your module. e.g. MyExtension, if your file name is /extensions/controls/MyExtension.ts. If not specified, module name would be used as the value for this property.

  • type: string


Array of data change events to subscribe to.


A section that will be displayed when the list is empty, this only applies if you are using Target binding. Allows you to show custom label when the list is empty.


Additional custom properties to be passed to the extension

  • type: object

Footer bar to be displayed below this control's content section.

Header bar to be displayed above this control's content section.


Height of the extension (pt in iOS / dp in Android)

  • type: integer


The module's folder path under /extensions/, e.g. MyExtModule or MyExtLibrary/MyExtModule. Not required if Extension does not implement TS code under /extensions/controls.

  • type: string


Action/Rule to be triggered when the extension is pressed


Binding target for this extension. The result of this binding will be stored in the form of an Observable array and it can be accessed in the extension class via context.binding property of the base class, e.g. this.context.binding.


Visibility of the extension

  • type: boolean


UID to reference this control.

  • type: string


  • type: const

The value of this property must be equal to:



  "_Type": "Page",
  "_Name": "SectionTablePage",
  "Caption": "Extension Section Page",
  "Controls": [{
    "_Type": "Control.Type.SectionedTable",
    "Sections": [{
      "_Type": "Section.Type.Extension",
      "_Name": "ExtensionTable",
      "Module": "MapsModule",
      "Control": "Maps",
      "Class": "CustomMap",
      "Height": 500,
      "ExtensionProperties": {
        "Configuration": {
            "EnableCurrentLocation": true,
            "EnableDynamicLayers": true,
            "EnableNearMe": true,
            "EnableFeatureLayers": true,
            "EnableBaseMaps": true
        "Type": "TrafficMap",
        "Title": "Store Locations",
      "OnPress": "/MDKApp/Actions/NavToDetailPage.action",
      "Target": {
            "EntitySet" : "StoreLocations",
            "Service" : "/MDKApp/Services/MyStore.service",
            "QueryOptions" : "/MDKApp/Rules/Stores/GetLocalStoreQueryOptions.js"