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Note: If the SetLevel property in Action.Type.Logger.SetLevel holds a higher severity value, then Level priority is overridden and no message is logged.

OnActionLog Properties

Property Type Required
Level enum Optional
Message string Required


Define level of the log.

  • type: enum

The value of this property must be equal to one of the known values below.

Value Description
Error High level log such as information on fatal errors.
Warn Medium level log such as potential issues or non-fatal errors.
Info Low level log such as information of lapsed event.
Debug Very low level log such as tracing information.
Trace To enable logging of traces to the client log file, you must also enable TracingEnabled and configure the debug settings via the BrandedSettings.json or SetDebugSettings action. Note: Traces will be tagged as DEBUG in the log file.


Message to be logged.

  • type: string