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MenuItem in the MenuItem of ContextMenu

Property Type Required Default
Image Image Required
Mode enum Optional "Normal"
OnSwipe ActionOrRule Optional
Style string Optional
Text string Optional
_Name string Required


The image to display in the action button.


Constants indicating the style information that is applied to the action button. Deletion means an action that deletes data or performs some type of destructive task.

  • type: enum
  • default: "Normal"

The value of this property must be equal to one of the known values below.

Mode Known Values

Value Description


Action/Rule to be triggered when the user selects the action


A style that will be applied to the action button. MDK supports background-color and font-color for icon.

  • type: string


The text displayed on the action button only on the iOS platform. It will be displayed when Image is defined and Title, SubHead and Footnote are defined for Object Cell.

  • type: string


The unique name for the action button.

  • type: string