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Supported styling properties for Button type component of the control

Applicable FormCell Controls:


Applicable Sectioned Table Controls:


Properties iOS Android Web Remarks
font-color: Color Color of the button's title
font-color-highlighted: Color The button's title color when it's in pressed state
font-size: Number Button's title font size
font-typeface: Typeface Typeface of the font, e.g. bold, italic
font-weight: Typeface Typeface of the font, e.g. bold
font-style: Style Style of the font, for iOS, e.g. body / caption / headline, refer to UIFont.TextStyle, for Web, e.g., normal / italic / oblique, refer to the standard web CSS value for font-style
font-name: Font Name of the font, e.g. Arial, Verdana, Helvetica,..
border-color: Color Button's border color
border-width: Number Button's border width
background-color: Color Button's background color
background-color-highlighted: Color The background color of the button, when it is in pressed state