A model is a representation of the business data of an organization or business segment. You can use a model as the basis for your story. Use the Modeler to create, maintain, and load data into models.

In SAP Analytics Cloud, you can use one of the following types of models:
  • Acquired: Data is imported (copied) and stored in SAP Analytics Cloud. Changes made to the data in the source system don't affect the imported data.
  • Live: Data is stored in the source system. It isn't copied to SAP Analytics Cloud, so any changes in the source data are available immediately if no structural changes are brought to the table or SQL view.

Models complement datasets. Datasets are more suitable for ad-hoc analysis, while models are more suitable for governed-data use cases.

If you're not sure whether to use a dataset or a model for your story, this might help you decide: Models vs. Datasets.

If you're more interested in datasets, not models, see Datasets.