Creating Points of Interest

Points of interest are sets of geographical data that can be added to a geo map and analyzed with reference to business data from a model.

Point of interest data can be added from an Esri shapefile, a CSV or Excel file, or from an SAP HANA model with a geographical dimension.

If you have a CSV or Excel file with clearly distinguishable names for latitude and longitude columns, you can simply drag and drop the file directly into your geo map.
SAP Analytics Cloud supports a finite number of spatial reference IDs. To avoid incorrectly displayed data or error messages, you should know the SRID used in your shapefile. Publicly available tools can help you recognize the shape identifier and thus determine the shapefile format.

You can view and maintain point of interest data in the Files list. You can filter on the Points of Interest file type to view the files. You can add or search points of interest, or select points of interest to delete.

You can set access permissions for point of interest data using the (Share) icon in the toolbar.