Preconverted Currency Data

You can enter measures that have been previously converted to a different currency, if you don't want SAP Analytics Cloud to convert these measures again.

Typically, you would use a currency conversion table when you want to analyze data from multiple regions with multiple currencies, or from multiple source currencies. But if your system has already calculated the currency conversions, and you'd like to use those conversions instead of a conversion table in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can import both the source currency data and the converted data. The source currency data and converted data appear as separate measures that you can use in stories and tables.

If you select currencies in a story or table that are not the default currency, the data is converted using the selected currency conversion table.
  • This feature applies only to data in the Actual category, not to Budget, Planning, Forecast, or other data categories.
  • Copying Actuals into Budget, Planning, or Forecast allows you to lock down, or fix, the default or local currency, with the non-locked measure calculated based on currency rates.
  • This feature is available with new blank models or when importing a file from your computer.
  • The Preconverted Actuals switch is enabled only when Currency Conversion is switched on.
  • Preconverted actuals cannot be edited in SAP Analytics Cloud after they have been loaded using data entry or advanced formulas.