Importing Data to a New or Existing Model

You can import data to create a new model, or to add data to existing models.

In most cases, importing data into existing models is similar to importing data to create new models. For detailed information and instructions, see the topics below, and the section Creating a New Model.

For the Salesforce data source, importing data into an existing model isn't supported.
Draft data

Typically, when you upload draft data into a new or existing model, the data acquisition will happen in the background while you work on something else. When the data upload finishes, you'll be notified that the data was uploaded successfully. You can build your model then or leave it for later. The uploaded draft data appears in either the Draft Data list or the Draft Sources list on the Data Management screen, and expires 7 days after the upload.

After you perform data integration on the draft data, the draft source is identified as one of the Draft Sources on the Data Management screen. You can set schedules for different data sources as necessary.

Data file sources are uploaded only once, and therefore can't be scheduled for refreshing.
Deleting data from a model
To delete fact data from a model, use the (Delete Facts) icon. For details, see Deleting Data from a Model.