Dimensions in Live Data Models

Because live data models can contain many dimensions, the dimensions are listed on the All Dimensions tab, where you can manage the dimensions. For example, you can edit dimension descriptions, show or hide dimensions, or group dimensions.

SAP BW hierarchies and other attributes aren't visible in SAP Analytics Cloud, and must be viewed in the underlying BW system.

You can edit the descriptions of the dimensions.

(You can also edit dimension descriptions for “import data” models. For details, see Data Access Restrictions in Model Preferences.)

Hide dimensions

If you don't need to use all of a model's dimensions in your stories, you can use the All Dimensions tab to select which dimensions will be available for the model.

With a live data model open, select the All Dimensions tab. All dimensions in the model are shown in the list.

You can filter out any dimensions that are not relevant by selecting the Hide check boxes. The selected dimensions will then not be available when you work with the data in stories.

  • If a dimension is a "required dimension", it is not possible to hide this dimension. Also, if a dimension is hidden, it is not possible to select this dimension as a "required dimension". For more information, see Specifying Required Dimensions.
  • In formulas, it is possible to use the hidden dimensions.
Hiding dimensions isn't available with SAP BW live data models.
Group dimensions

If there are many dimensions, you can manage them more easily by adding them to groups. Simply type in the same group name beside the dimensions that should be categorized together.