View Import Job Mapping and Transforms

After you import data into a public model or public dimension, you can go back and look at the data mapping and transform history, so that you'll know how to map or transform data if you need to create another import job to that model or dimension.


  1. Open a public model or public dimension.
  2. Switch to the Data Management screen, and select an import job.
  3. Select (View Mapping and Transforms).
    The Mapping Summary shows which columns in the data source were mapped to which attributes (for example, dimension properties or geo enrichment mapping) for the mapping targets (the dimensions and measures in the model). For an import job for a dimension, that dimension is the only mapping target. The Action Log shows the transforms, version mapping, and any renaming of source columns that were done during the data import.

    You can select a row in the mapping summary to show only the actions that apply to that mapped column.