Changing a Model's Data Source

You can change the data source for a live data model whose original data source is no longer available.


For example, if you have multiple environments, such as a Development environment, a QA environment, and a Production environment, you can create your queries, connect to SAP Analytics Cloud, and create your stories, all in the Development environment. Then, once your development is finished, you can transport the queries to your QA or Production environment, and change the model's data source so that the queries work in the new environment.

  • If a story doesn't load properly after changing the data source, you can save the story as a template, create a new story from the template, and then update the new story's elements by choosing a model based on the new data source.
  • The IDs of dimensions and members in the original query used in a story need to be the same in the new query for that story. Otherwise, further actions are required before the story can be loaded correctly.
  • If you copy an SAP BW query from an existing model, different IDs may be generated, and therefore dependent stories may not display correctly.


  1. With a live data model open, select Start of the navigation path Next navigation step Change Data SourceEnd of the navigation path.
  2. Choose an available data source system.
  3. Select a data source, or if the data source you want to use is not shown in the drop-down list, use the Search box to find it.


All existing dimensions and prompts will be overwritten by the new data source.