Adding Missing Rates in a Currency Table

As planning users work with model data in stories, they may try to analyze currency data that depends on rates that do not exist in the rate table.

For example, if a user creates a Forecast version in a story that uses currency conversion, but the currency table only has rates that apply to the Actuals and Budget versions, the forecast data cannot be converted.

When working with a currency table in the Modeler, you can use the Add Missing Rates panel and the Conversion Errors list to help you fill in missing rates.

Conversion Errors list

To view a list of conversion errors for every model that uses the currency table, select Conversion Errors. The list shows a log entry for each time a currency conversion in a story has failed due to a missing rate in the currency table.

If the error occurred in a public version, you can select Analyze next to the error to add the rate using the Add Missing Rates panel.

In the current release, the Analyze function is not available for private versions.
Add Missing Rates panel

The Add Missing Rates panel allows you to search for and add conversion rates that are missing for a model.

You can open this panel in the rate table by selecting (Add Missing Rates) and then search for missing rates based on the parameters that you set.

The panel only finds rates that are required for stories based on a selected model; for example, if you search for missing rates for January 1, 2000, but there is no model data or currency conversions for that date, there will be no results.

You can also perform a search with preconfigured settings in one of the following ways:

  • by selecting Analyze Missing Rates from a missing rates message in a story.
  • by selecting Analyze from the Conversion Errors list for a conversion error in a public story.

The panel contains the following settings:

  • Model (mandatory): Select a model that uses the currency table. The data for this model, including currency conversions applied to it in stories, will be searched for missing rates.
  • Currency (mandatory): Select a target currency.
  • Category:
    • Select a category to search for missing rates that apply to that single category.
    • Select Specific and choose a Rate Version to search for missing rates that apply to the rate version.
    • Leave this field blank to search for generic rates that can apply to any category. In this case, deselect Add category-dependent rates.
    • Leave this field blank and select Add category-dependent rates to search for all missing category-specific rates.
  • Rate Version: If you selected Specific as the Category, choose a rate version.
  • Date:
    • Select Booking Date to find missing rates on the booking date only.
    • Select Booking Date - 1 and then select a time period, to find missing rates during the time period preceding the booking date.
    • Select Booking Date + 1 and then select a time period, to find missing rates during the time period following the booking date.
    • Select Fixed date and pick a date to find missing rates for a specific date.

When you have configured the settings for the rates that you want to add, select Search.

If any missing rates are found within your search parameters, they are added to the rate table. These rates are highlighted. If you want to keep the rates, select Keep on the Add Missing Rates panel, type a rate in the Exchange Rate column for each new row, and save the currency table.

If you do not want to keep the new rates, select Cancel on the Add Missing Rates panel to remove them.