Models support several different scenarios for working with monetary data from different currencies.

If your model only contains data in a single currency, you can specify it as the default currency in the model preferences.

For multiple currencies, the following options are available:

  • Multiple currencies without conversion

    If your model has values in different currencies but you don't need to aggregate data across the different currencies, you can specify the dimension that identifies the different source currencies. For more information, see Dimension Settings and Model Preferences.

    The currency dimension lets you view different currencies side-by-side in a table and, for a planning model, make changes within each currency.

  • Multiple currencies with conversion

    For some models, you'll need to aggregate data across different currencies. If you have data from multiple currencies and you want to view or change values that include more than one currency, for example, overall sales for EMEA, then you can use currency conversion. Currency conversion lets you view your data in its source currency as well as converting it to one or more target currencies for aggregation. You can also simulate the effects of different exchange rate shifts.

    In addition to a currency dimension, models that use currency conversion also require a conversion table.

Enabling Currency Conversion
Follow these steps to enable currency conversion:
  • Ensure that your system contains a currency table with conversion rates for the different currencies, dates, and categories in the model. For more information, see Currency Conversion Tables.
  • In the Modeler, enable and configure the currency column for the dimension that separates the data into different currencies. For example, this dimension could be an Organization dimension, or a generic Source Currency dimension. For more information, see Dimension Settings.
  • In the model preferences, enable currency conversion and specify settings for the default currency, currency dimension, and currency conversion table. For more information, see Model Preferences.
  • In the model's account dimension, each Account member has to have Currency set for the Units & Currencies attribute (column). For more information, see Attributes of an Account Dimension.

In tables in stories, you can choose which currencies to display. Monetary values are then converted and displayed according to the specified rates for the currencies you selected. For more information, see Displaying Currencies in Tables.