This module contains exception and error classes for the API.

The following classes are available:

exception hana_ml.ml_exceptions.Error

Bases: Exception

Base class for hana_ml exceptions.

exception hana_ml.ml_exceptions.FitIncompleteError(message='The model has not been initialized. Please call the fit() method to obtain a model!')

Bases: Error

Exception class raised by performing predict or score without fit first.

exception hana_ml.ml_exceptions.BadSQLError

Bases: Error

Raised if malformed tokens or unexpected comments are detected in SQL.

exception hana_ml.ml_exceptions.PALUnusableError

Bases: Error

Raised if hana_ml cannot access a compatible version of PAL.

exception hana_ml.ml_exceptions.ModelExistingError

Bases: Error

Raised if model exists during the model table creation.